Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Die By Your Side...

The Smiths.
A classic band with sweet tunes that make me wish I lived through the '80s. Something about Morrissey's voice makes me swoon and wish I was around to be a groupie. I also find the thoughtful lyrics relatable and catchy. The no-bullshit attitude towards their music makes the band all the more appealing.

I'm currently listening to "The Very Best of The Smiths" and I must say that I am rather disappointed that I did not discover this band sooner. The song that first caught my attention was Handsome Devil, drawing me in with the words "Let me get my hands / On your mammary glands." You just don't get music like that anymore.

The song I relate to the most is definitely There is a Light That Never Goes Out. There is a beauty in thinking about dying in a car crash and not caring much about it. "To die by your side, oh the pleasure, the privilege is mine" has stuck in my head since the first time I heard the song.

The Smiths. This is what great music sounds like.

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