Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Selfish Bastards at Wuthering Heights

This, however, was an excellent novel.
And yes, I did finally finish reading it. Yay me.

To begin, the book was impossibly confusing, what with Hindley and Hareton and Heathcliff -- I couldn't keep the characters straight. And of course, there's Hareton and Hareton and Catherine and Catherine. It was much too much too keep up with.

So I drew a family tree. Which drew a nice wind.

Then I sailed on the breeze that blew me through the book with minor pitstops on the way.

I must say, the infatuation of the characters with the other characters is so melodramatic...like a soap opera. Ah, the soap opera of the 1800s -- Wuthering Heights. I saw a sign on a table at the bookstore today that was labeled "Undying Love." Surprisingly, the beloved novel was nowhere in sight! Someone at the bookstore has yet to brush up on their classics.

Haunting and thrilling, though somewhat dry at particular points, this cautionary tale of lovers that could never be will make you want to strangle the characters to death.

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